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Allie Lindenmuth, a mama of two, is founder of Anook Athletics, an activewear line of high quality maternity and postpartum workout gear. When Allie became pregnant herself in 2016, she noticed a huge gap in the marketplace for maternity exercise apparel, and so, she created what she couldn't find. Blending her passion to serve women and her love for all things yoga, Anook Athletics was born. 
Peggy Economou, is the mama and co-founder behind the brand Teat and Cosset, a carefully curated line for mamas that specializes in quality clothing made to last long after you've had your baby. One of the largest obstacles facing pregnant and breastfeeding moms is finding functional yet stylish clothing, and Teat and Cosset was conceived to cater to the tireless mom who wants the best for her and her baby. 
Jesse Truelove is a pre- and postnatal corrective exercise specialist. Before she started her work with the Ab Rehab program through Nancy Anderson Fit, she trained women both privately and in group classes across multiple states, gyms and online. She now trains exclusively for, and is the program director for Birth Recovery Centerwhere they have raised the bar and standard for all affordable access to prenatal and postpartum experts.
Have you ever wondered if there was a specialized doctor that handles female conditions outside of the scope of your OBGYN? What happens after you have a baby and your OBGYN clears you for "life" again, but you still don't feel like yourself? Did you know that women's urology was a field?
Behind every strong woman and mama is a tribe — our friends, our families, our community, and our partners. Support comes in many forms, and each member of our tribe contributes to our overall well-being. For Father's Day this year, we wanted to honor the fathers in our lives...
We know that finding your way back into your body after giving birth can feel like uncharted territory. While we can never “go back” to the body we had before pregnancy and birth, we can most certainly move forward into a new body that feels strong and empowered. We chatted with three different movement experts — all of whom specialize in working with postpartum mamas.
Laura Lane is a Brooklyn-based comedy writer, performer, journalist and mama of two boys. She was born with a rare genetic condition called unicornuate uterus — when a woman only has half a uterus.

It's Mother's Day this Sunday, but shouldn't every day be an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of our mama friends? In honor of the many enterprising mamas that I know and love, that have been juggling motherhood, a personal business and their own sanity, I wanted to share a few of my favorite mama-owned small businesses.

Cassie Shortsleeve is the founder of Dear Sunday, an online resource for a better pregnancy, postpartum and new motherhood experience. She is a veteran journalist and contributor to national publications such as Parents, Women’s Health, Shape, What to Expect, just to name a few!
Alexis Kristiana is NYC-based model, mama and founder of Liquid Gold Vintage (LGV) – an online shop that offers breastfeeding-friendly vintage pieces for all mamas.
Emily is a NYC based copywriter, editor and mama. Emily became a mom for the second time in May 2020, when she welcomed her baby girl, Mia James, at the height of the pandemic. 
Devon Berrier is the founder of Layton, a chic and modern clothing line of well-curated pieces for the nursing mama (and beyond!). Because of the lack of postpartum, fashionable options that Devon had to choose from when she first started her motherhood journey, she wanted to create a collection that helped make it easier for mamas, while not compromising functionality, design and quality.