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Tinamarie Clark + Breastfeeding & Motherhood

Tinamarie Clark + Breastfeeding & Motherhood

Mama, model and storyteller Tinamarie Clark lives in NYC, is a wellness enthusiast, advocate of soul friendships – what she has coined “soulships”.  We love following her journey and asked if she could share some of her wisdom on all things mamahood and breastfeeding. Here's what she had to say! 

Did you have any struggles with breastfeeding or was it an easy process for you?

With my son Maximus no issues, with my second son Lexington it was a little different. Lex would get distracted easy and bite often with teeth (ouch!).

Will you miss breastfeeding or are you ready to move on?

I’m sure I’ll miss it but I am also happy to have my breasts back and all the energy I’ll get back once I stop. 

As a mama, how has motherhood changed your career?

It has completely changed my career! If the job isn’t something I am excited about I don’t do it. My time with my children is too important to waste my time on things that don’t feed my soul. The added benefit to having children was the sifting of the things that fed me and depleted me. Having children gave me the ability to make better choices.

What are the upcoming mama milestones you’re most excited about as your kiddos grow?

My son Lexington isn’t walking yet so I am excited to see him learn how to walk. I know I’ll be regretting saying that once he is up and about getting into everything, but I am excited for him to walk and be able to chase his brother. 

Best piece of advice you’ve gotten from a fellow mama?

My mom tells me all the time “Your children teach you so much, listen to what they are trying to show you.”

If you could give yourself one piece of advice when you were first pregnant and prepping for mama life, what would it be?

Don’t eat for 2 people!! 

Favorite trip you’ve taken as a family?

Actually I am on my favorite family trip right now. We are in Mexico and Max has been nonstop; beach, pool, boat, and other cool adventures. There is nothing better than seeing your children light up with excitement. 

Family travel bucket list

David and I went to Bora Bora for our babymoon, and when we were leaving he said “and imagine the next time we will be coming with our baby” my heart melted when he said that. So I’d love to do Bora Bora with the kids.