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The Dairy Fairy offers women innovative lingerie for nursing, pumping and postpartum days. A brand dedicated to providing ingenious intimates for mamas, the pieces are ultra supportive, size inclusive and cute, too! Founder, Emily Ironi, likes to say she “gave birth” to two babies within the same year – her daughter and The Dairy Fairy. We chatted all things motherhood and mama-wear with Emily, and here's what she had to say... 

 We recently had the opportunity to chat a little with Emily for the MOLOCO blog.

The Dairy Fairy offers “ingenious intimates for mama’s milk”. Can you expand on this a bit more, and tell us how the brand was born. 

I joke that I had two babies, 6 months apart.  After the birth of my daughter, I realized that nursing and pumping was no cake walk.  It was a difficult time, filled with mixed emotions and self doubt.  One of the things that troubled me was the constant changing in and out of a nursing bustier.  This hideous garment with a zipper and holes became my second skin and that wreaked havoc on my sanity and self confidence.  It was then that I realized that moms  deserve something feminine and functional in their pumping routine and when I decided to create ingenious intimates for mama’s milk. Basically unique and innovative lingerie (that you WANT to wear), that supported nursing and pumping.

What makes The Dairy Fairy products different from others on the market? What can a mama visiting your site except to find? 

It begins with our outlook.  Most postpartum products focus on the baby first.  I get it -- babies are amazing and NEED our love and support.  But moms can’t be an afterthought.  That’s why we truly focus on ensuring moms are supported (literally and figuratively) with tools that enhance their experience and help them feel like a woman first.  We use feminine details, like lace and trims and  high quality materials through construction, to make sure moms are empowered and feel their best during this radical time in their lives.

You also offer a well-curated selection of mama and mama-to-be specific products... How do you go about sourcing these products?

We love supporting other mompreneur businesses, especially ones that espouse the same values that we do.  We also know that there are several tools that a mom must have in her toolbox - for example, products that make nursing and pumping more comfortable, reliable and enjoyable.  That’s why we love Moloco swim so much!

What was your journey into motherhood like? As you have said -  you gave birth to two babies in one year(!) Tell us how! 

My journey was not typical -- rather far from that.  While I always knew I wanted to be a mother, I found myself divorced and single at 38.  This definitely did not align with my plans and with my window of opportunity closing in, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  With a sperm donor and IVF, I placed my bet and had 5 frozen embryos.  I figured it was an insurance policy and I redeemed at 40 years of age, after the passing of my father.  It was bittersweet to be pregnant, knowing I missed the opportunity for him to meet his future granddaughter.  I had an easy pregnancy and birth (although Arden was stubborn and breech, despite all of my efforts to get her to flip).  The tale continues with meeting a wonderful man during my pregnancy who is one of the fathers that my daughter is fortunate to know (including our donor and my current life partner).  It’s the making of a memoir and someday, when I have the time, I may document it so other moms know that it’s ok if their journey is along the path less traveled.

During the more trying times of pre-conception, what kept you going, and do you have any words of wisdom for other women going through similar experiences? 

It is a roller coaster and will test your will and spirit, but don’t give up.  Some of my closest friends have persisted through fertility challenges and they became my role models.  Find your positive North Star and if it doesn’t happen the way you originally envisioned, be flexible.  

What is your favorite part about being a mama? What have you learned about yourself in this role?

I suppose my favorite part is seeing growth and happiness.  I always tell Arden that I want her to be happy and healthy.  These are the driving forces that inform so many of our choices.  And the recognition that just like our children change and learn, so do we.  We evolve together in this symbiotic space where memories are made.

Quick! Name your top three pregnancy or breastfeeding essentials! They can be items of clothing, specific products or anything else that you wish you had when you were nursing!

1. I would say a good pump!  (I personally love the Ardo and the Willow)

2. Anything that supports flow and comfort (like the LaVie massager)

3. Anything that keeps your baby close to the breast (like a great baby carrier or wrap).  I carried Arden till she was almost 3 and absolutely adore the closeness of her body to mine.