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Aimee Raupp, MS, Lac, is a renowned Women’s Health & Wellness Expert, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, and a best-selling author. Aimee has a private practice in New York, where she specializes in Women’s Fertility. Her approach is largely based on meeting her patients on the mental, emotional and physical levels, while also helping to support them on the nutritional level. She offers various programs, support groups and a wealth of her own knowledge (and years of study!), for those she works with. Together, they work towards pregnancy goals, overall wellness goals and any other areas that arise and need attention and/or support along the way. Aimee is also the founder of Aimee Raupp Beauty, a line of hand-crafted, organic skincare products. (They are amazing!). She has been featured in Glamour, Allure, Well + Good, GOOP… to name a few, and has also appeared on The View! As Aimee’s work plays such an integral part on the journey into pregnancy, motherhood and postpartum, we wanted her to share a little bit more about some of her offerings and how she makes it all work as a mama, too! Here’s what she had to say…

What was your background before becoming an Acupuncturist?

My background was studying biology and chemistry at Rutger’s University, from where I received an undergraduate degree in both. I then went on to study Neuroscience, while working as a research scientist for a few years before going to school for Acupuncture.

How did you know that you wanted to specialize in Women’s Health – specifically fertility?

At first, I didn’t really know that I wanted to specialize in women’s health and fertility. It’s what came to me through my work, and I got a little obsessed with it. I really loved seeing how magical Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, along with diet and lifestyle were for helping women balance their hormones and optimize their fertility. It became a very measured end result, and I got really excited about treating it.

Your work is rooted in fertility, body belief, healthy diet and proper herb usage (to name a few!), and in promoting overall health – specific to fertility health. Can you tell us a little more about how you go about creating a treatment plan for your patients?

Every patient is different, every condition is different, and every woman or man is different – so it really is about a very detailed intake. It’s about getting to know someone on both the mental/emotional level, as well as the physical/nutritional level. I like to meet people where they are, which means, we assess and decide how we can level up from where their current state as they come in, and then if things don’t change the way we want them to, we adjust from there. For me, it has always been really intuitive, meeting the patient where they are and offering up the wisdom that I have gained over these almost 20 years of treating.

What are some of the common themes you hear the most from your patients?

I would say some of the most common themes are, they feel like their body is broken… or that their body isn’t doing something it should be able to do. Lost, confused, overwhelmed are also very common emotions that come up in initial intakes. Almost everyone is dealing with a level of wellness that is subpar, and they think that is good enough. It’s this thing of functioning at about 70% of their capacity, as they just assume that it’s an age thing, or that’s how everyone else feels.

For those that desire to become pregnant but struggle to, what is your approach with helping to re-organize their views or beliefs?

First, I have to really listen to them, so I can hear what their beliefs are. Once we get a handle on that - we can begin to help begin to turn it around. I so commonly hear women feeling broken, so I get them to focus on ways in which their body DOES work. I encourage them, as they’re making the diet and lifestyle changes necessary - to really see that their body is shifting and improving and understanding that fertility is an extension of health. Health can be impacted not just by nutrition or lifestyle, but by stress, and emotions - right? So where are the blocks to one’s ability to receive? Whether that’s receiving your supplements, receiving your nutrition, or receiving all that you are worthy of… I also always share stories of hope from my clinic from women who overcame fertility challenges and got what they wanted, but it’s really about listening and then fine-tuning the conversation. And it’s NOT about shoving positivity down their throat, as it is much more, about getting them to gradually shift from this place of “I’m broken, nothing is working” to “there are certain things that do work, so I am assuming other things could begin to work in my body”. Getting in tune with that self-nourishment, self-love and self-compassion piece is an important part of the work.

One of your most popular programs is “The Fertility Reboot”. Can you tell us who a candidate might be for this program, and what women can expect from signing up for it?

This is an intense program, so I would think the best candidate would be someone who wants support on changing their diet. Support is given for 30 days – daily emails from myself and my team, menus, shopping lists… we try to make it as turn-key as possible! We also offer weekly group coaching calls that I lead, which are geared more towards the mental/emotional piece. This program is truly for someone who knows they want to make a change, but wants the community and the support aspect, and for me to spearhead it for them. Women love it! We get a couple of hundred women that sign up each time we run it, and it is transformational! Women can expect to learn a lot about their body from this reboot, and they WILL see their body change within 30 days!

In a matter of speaking, you have recently been going through your own “Fertility Reboot.” After having a miscarriage just over a year ago, what would you say you have sought out the most in terms of rebuilding hope and support as well as healing from it?

My clients give me a lot of hope, and oddly enough, a lot of support too – which they might not even know. There have been plenty of women my age that have had similar stories, and overcome them - and so, I use them as my stories of hope, as they help encourage me and lift me up. I have also been really honest with myself, honest in my relationship with my husband and honest about how much I am willing to do to achieve another pregnancy. I try to be more lead by spirit and intuition, than by numbers and the pressure of having to “do it” and “do it soon”. It is a struggle, it’s a balance and it’s a fine-tuning operation. I am conscious of not getting caught up in “maybe I’m too old” vs. how I treat my body is incredible and amazing, and I do think I am much younger genetically and physiologically than my chronological years. I’m curious to see how it unfolds – I do have hope. I really do practice what I preach, and I put my best foot forward as I continue to support myself in beautiful ways. I am proud of myself, proud and healing, and I am grateful for that loss. I’d take that baby over that miscarriage, but I understand the process now, and it’s brought me so much grace, clarity and compassion in ways that I never knew possible – so I am actually grateful for this situation.

We heard you have a new book coming out… can you give us a little bit of insider info on it, and tell us what your inspiration was behind writing it?

Yes! The book is now out! It’s called The Egg Quality Diet, and is currently topping every best seller list on Amazon, in Women’s Health, Fertility and Endometriosis. I am very, very proud!  The Egg Quality Diet is a 100 day, clinically proven, fertility diet that helps balance hormones, reduce inflammation, and optimize your ability to get and stay pregnant. You can think of it as a roadmap, as I tried to make it as simple as possible. Part of the inspiration behind it was that, I kept on hearing women tell me time and time again - “I’m doing the diet, and I’m doing everything you’re telling me to do…”  but then, when I looked at their food diaries, I found they were missing their marks. Marks meaning, they weren’t eating enough veggies or proteins, enough fat, or they were eating too many processed and refined carbs - even if they were gluten free grains. They weren’t seeing the results that they wanted, and so - I created this 100 day plan of shopping lists, diets and menus that literally give you everything that you need for those 100 days to achieve the goals you desire. There are four phases to the diet, which starts with an elimination diet, before slowly reintroducing foods back in. We have it all mapped out for you! There is an amazing resources page on my website that goes along with the book, where I have literally curated the best of my best content to help support any woman trying to conceive.

Before your own transition into motherhood, were there any words of wisdom that you received that stuck with you, and that you can share?

One mother said to me – “When you become a mom, make sure you still do things for you. Don’t ever lose you, because one day your kids will grow up and they will move on, and you might not know who you are anymore.” I always took that so deeply into my soul, and she said – “Remember who you are, because that’s who your husband married or who your partner chose, if you’re in a partnership… Remember who created that relationship, and that you want to share that with your children.” I’ve always really stuck to that, as it has helps me stay present with my work, helps me remember that my work is a part of me that my children will one day know, respect and appreciate.  

What is your favorite thing about being a mama?

Learning and growing and being silly, while having fun. Being human in front of my little human!

As a working mother yourself, how do you find your work/life balance? What does your version of self-care look like?

I don’t answer emails on the weekends anymore. I shut off my computer and usually leave my phone in my office when I’m done with my work day, so I can check out. I meditate, I exercise and I cook all of my own meals mostly! I try to move slowly, and stay conscious and present. I think out of all of the things that motherhood has taught me, I am the best kind of mother, and best kind of wife, when I move slowly and I’m conscious and fully aware. That would be my version of my work/life balance.

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